The history of a city could be told through its archeology, architecture and political events. But I find that unless one discovers the people who lived in it, one could never learn much about it. Or at least, it would be less interesting.

It is for this reason that I have attempted to present another point of view into the infamous past of the city of Sofia as I tell it through the characters of a local family.

The family Stoyanovich is part of the history schoolbooks because of its revolutionaries, ministers, diplomats, artists and sportsmen - looking as if the men in it were capable of reproducing by themselves.

Nothing could be further from the truth, for it is women who are responsible for the latter. Traditionally, history remains silent about its women, yet it is their ‘fragile’ shoulders that carry the history of their families, cities, nations.

You are about to meet some of the women of Sofia, women from my family who taught me how to love and understand the history of my hometown, more than I do its archeology, architecture, nor politics.

I have made parallels, literal and symbolic, between the women - Stoyanovich and other prominent ladies in Sofia’s history, as the story about one family in particular is singular, but the comprehension of women’s pivotal role in society is a collective responsibility.

Princess Clémentine of Orléans
1817 - 1907

Zhana Stoyanovich
1869 - 1962

Царица Елеонора Българска
1860 - 1917

Мария Стоянович
1860 - 1925 г. 

Мария (Мика) Белопопска-Сотирова

Димитрина Ковачева
1892 - 1966 г.


Археологът на София

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