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“The revolution will not die with us”, the first sequence of an accumulative performance series by Marie Civikov and Voin de Voin, which took place at the Ruse Art Gallery. The work was a first result of the investigation of the parallel past of their deceased ancestors. Both active members of the anarchist and anti-fascist movement of Bulgaria and throughout Europe at that time.



Voin de Voin and Marie Civikov unite forces. Both have a past in and connection to Bulgaria. Voin was born and raised in Bulgaria where also part of Civikov's family history lies, born and raised with a Bulgarian father in the Netherlands. Their ancestors were figures with revolutionary ideas and activists in the same decade short hundred years ago, operating in different parts of the country (Plovdiv, Ruse and Sofia). In their series of performances Voin and Civikov explore common ideas of those who started fighting “evil”, or in particular, against fascism at its very early presence on the Balkans. They used and collected data and archival material from various sources and institutions. However, many dossiers are erased and destroyed. How do they fulfill the this gap, how is history re-told and how do they identify with that particular cause that is in fact put at stake and set to play at its new ground of perspective of politicizing the body as an active tool of protest. The work is a journey of discovering, becoming as well as it aims to create new reflections on how we deal with the present. "With different destinies and activities we merge the fates of these two revolutionaries, our ancestors: Panayot Civikov, locked up for his writings and participation in the anarchist movement, and Anna Voynova tortured in prison for her political views, from which she subsequently died at a young age. What would have happened if they knew each other? But now we did-no coincidence. There might be a chance they did. Personalizing our deceased family members, we incline to create a fiction-documentary intervention using archival material shaping the character of this performance as an action to uncover the past and to access the invisible status of a possibly repeating history.

Voin de Voin (born 1978) lives and works in Sofia. He got his Master’s degree from Das Arts - The institute for advanced research in the performing arts, Amsterdam, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, Goldsmith College, London, EICAR (International School for film and cinema of Paris), SNDO - School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam. Since july 2016 he is running an independent art space in Sofia ÆTHER. He is represented by Sariev gallery, Plovdiv. Voin de Voin works in various fields of the Visual Arts, ranging from Performance to installation, incorporating his research in rituals, metaphysics, psychology and intersecting interactive experiments.

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„История помежду“ ("Проект за музейни намеси в РИМ, София") е съвместен проект между Фондация „Изкуство – Дела и Документи“ и Регионален исторически музей, София, подкрепен Календар на културните събития на Столична Община.

History in Between (Project for interventions in the Museum, Sofia) is a collaboration between the Art Foundation - Affairs and Documents, and the Regional History Museum of Sofia. It is supported by the Calendar of Cultural Events of Sofia City.