9 pieces of plexiglas pipes, water, varying sizes; 3 pieces of glass rods, a metal stand, varying sizes

In Light Volumes, Stela Vasileva has used water volumes, light and glass. The interaction of light with the water surface, on the one hand, and the refraction of light through glass and Secession ornaments, on the other hand, aims to create an ensemble of reflections using space. The transparency of the water and the glass, with the help of light, allow for the interplay with space, emphasizing the already existing ornamentation in a Secession style.

Stela Vasileva works in the field of objects, installations, and drawings. She is interested in the form, the objects in space, she tries to achieve the clearing of the image from burdensome accumulations and puts it outside the context of its specific (usual) environment, often erasing the boundaries of real space.

© History in Between, 2021This project is part of the Cultural Calendar of Sofia, Ministry of Culture and Sofia History Museum.


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„История помежду“ ("Проект за музейни намеси в РИМ, София") е съвместен проект между Фондация „Изкуство – Дела и Документи“ и Регионален исторически музей, София, подкрепен Календар на културните събития на Столична Община.

History in Between (Project for interventions in the Museum, Sofia) is a collaboration between the Art Foundation - Affairs and Documents, and the Regional History Museum of Sofia. It is supported by the Calendar of Cultural Events of Sofia City.