In the spring of 1989, Martin Mladenov decides to shoot something dynamic but not very typical. He takes advantage of knowing his schoolmate Dosyo Amudzhev and photographs a group of the best skaters in Sofia near the Statue of the Soviet Army. The idea was to feature the shots in an exhibition which is never realized due to Mladenov’s departue for the Czech Republic. The photos were taken on Lyubitel 2.

Martin Mladenov (b. 1971) is an engineer, photographer, writer, interpreter and cultural manager. Since 1989, he has lived and worked between Prague and Sofia.

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„История помежду“ ("Проект за музейни намеси в РИМ, София") е съвместен проект между Фондация „Изкуство – Дела и Документи“ и Регионален исторически музей, София, подкрепен Календар на културните събития на Столична Община.

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